Forgotten password? Use these methods never to forget, reset or resend

In this post, we explore two convenient methods to create password phrases that are secure and easy to remember. But before we discuss these ways, we will briefly look at some general guidelines for creating passwords.

At *sparkfolios, we have a sophisticated algorithm to prevent your password being easy to hack.

Standards for secure passwords

Standard rule: All passwords must be more than 9 (nine) characters long.
General rules: Use a combination of at least two of the following standards:

  • Use Arabic numbers (i.e. 123 etc.)
  • Use a combination of lowercase and UPPERCASE letters (e.g. AcviPLK).
  • Use special character/s, such as !, @, #, $, %, ^, &, *, ?, _, ~, -, (, ).
  • Avoid excessive repetition (e.g. cARcAR1212!!)

Now that you know the basic guidelines for creating a secure password, we can look at two methods to help you remember your password.

Method 1: Use multiple but meaningless words

To improve your passphrase security, select words which will only mean something to you. Also, do not use words that are easy to guess (e.g. ‘ChildsName01’). Here are five examples of passwords that have been created using this method:

  1. Computer10Green!Pen
  2. BananaKeyBrown#5
  3. 1SugarCandyCake!
  4. CatPhoneShoe(9)
  5. Fuel@BucketSam

Try not to use the following:

  • Family member names
  • School
  • The word Password
  • Birthday or month you were born in
  • Shoe size
  • Cell phone number
  • Color of your hair or eyes
  • Home address
  • Clothing brand
  • Pet’s name

Interesting fact – This is the method we use to generate the initial password or reset password. The words and characters are meaningless. You can always replace your system-generated password with an easy-to-remember password by tapping on your name in the top menu bar and selecting >Edit profile.

Method 2: Use first letters of long sentences

There are multiple ways to create first-letter long sentences. For example, a music lover might extract a password from the lyrics ‘I loved her with the deepest part of my soul!’ and come up with IlhwtDpoms!. Alternatively, somebody else may use a quote from their favourite TV series for example, ‘Karabo how could you do this to me?’ and come up with Khcydt2m? Here are five examples of such passwords:

  1. My husband’s name is Tommy – 6 years ago we met:  mhnit-6yawm
  2. Winter spring summer or fall all you have to do is call!:  Wssofayhtdic!
  3. My baby is 10 his name is John:  Mbi10&ahniJ
  4. Generations is my #1 series on SABC_1:  Gim#1soS_1
  5. My love for sweets has grown by 50% Yeah!:  Mlfshgb50%Y!

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